November 6, 2014


There is so much going on in Room 20 and the students are all actively learning new things! Thank you to all 

for promptly returning conference request forms. I did my best to honor the date that you wanted to meet and

I look forward to spending time with you to discuss your children's progress thus far. Please know that 

my conference schedule is jam packed with meeting parents and my goal is to give everyone their alotted

15 minutes. Know that ,most likely, there is someone schedule ahead of your appointment time, as well as 

directly after. Please be sure to check your scheduled time which will help to make sure that I stay on 


 I respect  everyone taking time to come in and I hope that everyone can do the same by  arriving on time.

Coming home next week, will be your child's Fluency Folder. I believe that allowing students time

to read aloud is a necessary practice to help students build oral fluency, as well as being able to build 

writing fluency also. This brief tri-weekly activity is something that can be of great importance in 

your child's education.  I would like the Fluency Folder to travel to and from school each day, as I may do 

"quick reads" with the students in small group at times.  Please be sure that the practice is done as directed and 

that the fluency folder is signed and returned each Friday. I will continue to ask that you sign, or initial that 

your students read 3 times during the week to yourself, a grandparent, aunt, uncle, brother, sister, dog,

cat, fish, stuffed animal, etc. I ask that you sign the "Lucky Listener" portion in your student's Fluency Folder

before it gets returned. Also, I will replace the "listening rubric" weekly for you to track your child's progress.

As we move into Unit 2 in math, the students will be exploring addition and subtraction concepts. Mrs. Hoffman

has begun "Principal Challenges" to track students math fact fluency. If your child is struggling with knowing

their addition or subtraction facts fluently, please incorporate them into at home practice. 

We have taken a brief hiatus however, be sure to continue looking for Fact Fluency quizzes that are coming 

home. These quizzes will help give you an idea of what facts your child has mastered and which ones they need

to concentrate on. Once we have moved through all of our multiplication facts once, I will be giving the 

students timed quizzes.

Please be sure to sign and return all tests and quizzes. Your signature confirms that you saw the grade.

As always, if ever have any questions or concerns, please contact me. 

Happy Fall!


- Mrs. Jones



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