December 10, 2014



        We have been busy bees in Room 20. The students are continuing to show growth in all subject areas

and are really surprising themselves with just how far they can stretch their thinking. With curriculum 

continuing to build on skills and the rigor of questioning strategies, it is so important that the students exercise 

stamina to try their best and think things through.  So many skills that we are learning, rely on the application

of those skills being used time and time again. Using Study Island as a tool at home is a great place for

students to review and practice skills that have previously been explored. When logging on at home, please 

look  for lessons or standards that the students have already learned in school. 

         We are currently working on a research project in school. The students are currently researching a famous

American of their choice and taking notes on their life. The students will write a biography report and create a 

Google Slide presentation using the information that they learned about their famous American. I am hoping 

that the students will complete these projects by the end of next week and we will be able to invite you all in for

a "Wax Musuem", where you will meet the children dressed up as their famous American and listen to 

their presentation. Be on the lookout for more information to follow!

       Thank you all for  actively participating in your child's fluency growth. I love to see how honest and critical 

you are being when scoring the rubric each week. Fluency is such an integral part of a child's 

reading comprehension and writing growth. Starting on Monday before Winter Break, I will be sending 

students home with usernames and passwords to access "RAZ-Kids" online. This program allows me to set 

a students reading level privately and students can log in to choose a fluency reading book for the week.  

"RAZ-Kids" also offers a quiz option to assess comprehension skills once the reading is completed. This feature

will allow for students to practice reading strategies learned in school. It is self-checking and offers students 

immediate feedback. With my teacher account, I can access all of this information and check in on how

students are doing. Along with this book choice, there will be parent access so that you can monitor your child's 

progress. I will be sending a letter home to you to share how you can sign up. 

     As we move into Unit 3 in Math, we will begin learning about fractions. We will be identifying equal parts of a 

whole,  name fractions of a set, compare and order fractions, and identify equivalent fractions by using 

models and multiplication and division skills. Look out for "real world" fractions in your homes and when you go 

out.  Fractions can be seen when making sandwiches for lunch, pouring glasses of juice, eating pizza or pie, 

enjoying a Hershey's Chocolate Bar, cutting fruit, etc. Have your children use these real world models to 

practice some of the skills we will be exploring in school.

      Mrs. Hoffman is continuing her annual "Principal Challenge" to track students math fact fluency. 

I am proud to report that some of our students have successfully passed the 3 minute fact challenge for  

addition and are moving onto subtraction. I am very proud of these students and look forward to seeing

more of the students in room 20 moving through their fact challenges as well. 

      We have taken a brief hiatus however, be sure to continue looking for Fact Fluency quizzes that are coming 

home. These quizzes will help give you an idea of what facts your child has mastered and which ones they need

to concentrate on. Once we have moved through all of our multiplication facts once, I will be giving the 

students timed quizzes.

        Please be sure to sign and return all tests and quizzes. Your signature confirms that you saw the grade.

        Over Winter Break, it is easy for students to fall out of school mode. Try to encourage your child to read 

while  they are off from school and continue to log their reading for the "15 Book Challenge". Also, 

have the students practice their math fact fluency. 

As always, if ever have any questions or concerns, please contact me. 

Warm Winter Wishes


- Mrs. Jones



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