February 9, 2015


It's Been Too Long....

       Greetings! I apologize for the long hiatus since my last update to our website. We hopped right back into 

the swing of things in the new year and the students have been working harder and smarter than ever. I am 

truly over the moon and proud of the dedication and determination of their young minds. They have been 

taking on each new task with confidence and diligence.  

       I would like to thank all of you who came to our 1st Third Grade Cultural Fair and those who assisted the 

children with preparing a dish to share. I hope that everyone enjoyed seeing the students hard work in action

and hope that you congratulated your child for their efforts. It is a joy to see the students take charge of their 

learning and research something that is unknown to them. For them to take the information that they gather

and create an interactive presentation is far beyond what I thought we would be able to do at this point in the 

year. I love how excited the students get when using their Chromebooks on an application basis and how 

they navigate using Google Slides on their own. 

       In math, we are moving into Unit 5, which will take us into telling time and measurement. I ask that as 

we begin telling time in class, that you have the students practice this skill at home using both an analog and

digital clock. Students will be asked to tell time in two ways; using the standard "two-thirty" as well as  "half 

past  two" or "five forty-nine" as well as "11 minutes to six".  

      We will be moving into Science and studying matter. We are starting with the basics of solids, liquids, and

gases. We will then move into talking about properties of matter as well as physical and chemical changes.  I 

will be sending home a fun family activity for you to complete. Be on the look out for this!

        We will be celebrating the 100th Day of School on Thursday, February 12th! Wow, time flew by! I look

forward to see someone of my "aging" friends on this day, dressed with their best 100 year old outfits on! This

is such a fun activity and the kids get a real kick out of it. I am hoping to share some more 100th day fun with 

the students on this day, as well! 

        Conferences are coming up on March 3rd, 5th, and 10th, Be aware that these days will be early dismissal 

days. Also, if your have a preferred date or time, be sure to send in your request as soon as you receive it. I 

schedule conferences on a first come basis and like to schedule them as quickly as I receive the requests. 

Remember that conference appointments will be scheduled in 15 minute blocks and that I hope stay  on 

schedule to ensure that everyone can begin at their scheduled time and receive their full 15 minute 


          Continue to use Study Island as a tool at home. It is a great place for students to review and practice 

skills that  have previously been learned. Also, be sure that your child is completing their  weekly Fluency 

Homework. For the students who complete this assignment routinely, I have noticed a great

improvement in their oral and written fluency. This simple assignment is something that carries a tremendous

amount of assistance for students when using comprehension strategies, critical thinking skills, and writing 


         With curriculum  continuing to build on skills and the rigor of  questioning strategies, it is so important 

that  the students exercise  stamina to try their best and think things through.  So many skills that we are 

learning,  rely on the application of those skills being used time and time again.  At home, please encourage 

the students take their time when doing homework. It is so important that they read directions carefully

to fully understand when each assignment is asking for.   Please be sure to review your child's homework

once it comes back home, as well as all assignments that are marked and returned. I do my best to provide

quick / immediate feedback to the students, as well as, to you as parents so that you can monitor your child's 

progress. Also, please be sure to be checking your child's weekly Journey's assessments to see their scores 

on each lessons tests. I provide feedback to the students on their extended constructed responses and feel

it is so important for them to look over these tests to see where mistakes were made.     

As always, if ever have any questions or concerns, please contact me. 


- Mrs. Jones



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