October 16, 2014


October Greetings!

I am so proud to report the great progress all of your children are making. We are deep into a routine 

in school and everyone is really giving 100 percent effort into all learning. We have been writing Personal 

Narratives about a small moment in your child's life and I am so impressed with the amount of description

the students are using! Their stories are really starting to come alive! I am so excited to share these writing

pieces with you when we meet in November for conferences. 

Weekly, the students have been getting a Time for Kids Magazine delivery in the mail here at John Marshall. 

We are spending time reading the articles in class and doing scavenger hunts to look for facts and 

nonfiction text features. The articles are age appropriate and deal with current events happening around the 

world. Just like Dogo.news, this time of reading can be a great family activity to read together at home and 

make part of your dinner conversations at night.

We have rolled out Edmodo and the students are loving it! I am able to post videos and links to students 

directly and they can do the same. The students love reading what everyone posts and making comments 


Be sure to continue looking for Fact Fluency quizzes that are coming home a couple of times per week. These 

quizzes will help give you an idea of what facts your child has mastered and which ones they need

to concentrate on. Once we have moved through all of our multiplication facts once, I will start giving the 

students timed quizzes. Learning these facts has made tackling division much easier on the students. 

Please be sure to sign and return all tests and quizzes. Your signature confirms that you saw the grade.

As always, if ever have any questions or concerns, please contact me. 

Happy Fall!


- Mrs. Jones



Click the link above to visit a great site! DogoNews is a website that offers

all nonfiction articles featuring CURRENT EVENTS. This is a great resource for

students and parents to stay up to date about cool, interesting happenings

around the globe!

Each article offers an activity, quick think within the text comprehension

questions, or a critical thinking question which can be great for conversation

at the dinner table!

Check it out!

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